ChangeLab Solutions

Fortified partnered with
Blend Consulting Group

to rebrand this non-profit
advocacy and legal group

formerly known as PHLP
(Public Health Law & Policy).
Among their primary areas
of focus are healthy planning,
tobacco control, childhood
obesity and climate change
for which we applaud them
and why we were so excited
to be the creative arm for
this project.

Working closely with Blend
we helped develop a complete
communications system that
would transform this mundane
brand into a recognizable
force for doing good in the
public health arena.



To create a dynamic brand identity that
complements and fully articulates the
organization's new name – and that could
be used effectively across a broad
spectrum of design and communication
touch points, by in-house web and design
teams as well as outside vendors.

A circle, which symbolizes the infinite
nature of energy and change, serves as
the foundation for the overall mark. The
overlapping circles within the larger circle
emphasize dynamism, innovation and
change - a metamorphosis. By remaining
abstract, the interplay of circular forms
provides a variety of metaphors and
interpretations without locking them
 a set pattern of practice areas. The
symbol speaks to how ChangeLab
a variety of complex health
issues within 
a community, then clearly
identifies and 
works with it's leaders to
health solution changes for
the common 

We then developed an online presence and
website design that could effectively house
the different chapters of the organization and
serve as a tool for policy makers, educators
and anyone else interested in changing public
health law for the better.

Among ChangeLab's successes are banning
cigarettes in public places (like restaurants,
sporting events and airports), introducing
healthy snacks into school vending machines
and adding better labeling to consumer







Website Design  (click to view)