Eco Building Products, Inc.

Our complete rebranding
and naming effort 
Eco Building Products, Inc. as
the leader in eco-friendly
lumber protection and as an
ambassador of humanitarian
goodwill globally.


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CHALLENGE: Eco Building Products, Inc. was
struggling with their identity and were looking
for a spark. They had recently changed their
name to 'EcoBuilding Products' in an effort to
capitalize on new environmentally friendly
product technology. However, the new
name was long, the logo was too busy
and garnered very little brand recognition.
The new logo needed to work effectively on
numerous applications – from piles of lumber
and trucks to print materials and signage.

We started by immediately breaking
 into two words and focused
on making Eco
 the primary identity utilizing
its' simplicity and memorability. Our goal
was to create a classic wordmark, one that
reflected a sense of Americana, industry
and innovation – while still communicating
'environmentally safe' without the traditional
clichés of the green movement.  

In a little over a one year's time, we helped
increase Eco's exposure, company goodwill
and successfully position them as the leader
in eco-friendly lumber protection. In addition,
company management was able to secure
much needed investment capital and expand
into new territories both nationally and globally
Eco Red Shield, the flagship product is now
available nationwide through Eco's affiliate
program which we also helped to create.

This re-branding effort was also a winning
proposition for investors, with Eco's stock
price increasing over 600% from the time of
the new brand launch to the time we handed
all creative over to Eco's in-house staff.