How we work

At Fortified we understand
that every client is in a different
place and why we offer various
payment options to accomodate
each new opportunity. Our goal
is to provide great work at a
fair price.

We follow the ethical business
practice guidelines provided by
The American Institute of
Graphic Arts and The Graphic
Artists Guild.

Daily & Hourly
All tasks described on our Services page
are available on an hourly or daily basis.
Rates vary depending on tasks, scope of
project and schedule. 

Per Project Basis
Most work we do is billed 'per project' with
a clear list of deliverables based on client
needs and budget. This direction often offers
the best value as we can address multiple
needs at one time as part of a single package
and for one flat rate. We start by supplying
a fee proposal which includes all costs,
project scope, timing and complete list of
final deliverables. The fee proposal must be
approved and signed by the client prior to
starting a new project or any work.  

Monthly Retainer
For larger projects, awareness campaigns
and complete brand overhauls often times
a monthly retainer is the best option for
implementation of a complete and fully
integrated brand or packaging system. 
Reaching your audience doesn't happen
overnight. Consistent brand communication
over time is critical to establishing your
brand presence in the hearts and minds of
your audience. For that reason, we like to
be contracted for one year at a time, that
is typically how long it takes for any program
to take hold and to see real results.

Equity Stake
At Fortified we are entrepenuers as well as brand
consultants. We see great opportunity in many
of the products and companies we associate
ourselves with and are excited to invest in their
future with an equity position. This has proven to
be a successful avenue because we are confident
that the work we do will help a brand or business
to succeed. Many times we combine a flat fee
or monthly retainer with equity – creating a
half cash / half stock scenario that helps free
up much needed capital for our clients – in turn
we benefit when our clients succeed, sell or
through an IPO.

No Spec!
We do not participate in speculative projects.
Period. Speculative work, design competitions
and crowdsourcing are a troubling trend in our
industry and in the culture of corporations and
institutions around the world. Spec not only
hurts current creative professionals but future
designers and the design process itself. It sets
a bad precedence and standard for the way
corporations, brands and organizations view
the value of design.