Our Process

At Fortified, we seek out
companies and organizations
who are innovators in their
field and have a compelling
story to tell. We believe
communicating each brand's
story effectively through
an integrated brand identity
and communication system
will position them for success –
setting the groundwork for
future programs, company
growth and increased
brand awareness.


The first step with any project is educating
ourselves on the task at hand and with the
people we will be working with - we do this
by listening closely to our clients' needs, fully
understanding their product or brand offering
and balancing this information with market
research, consumer feedback and our own
experiences both professionally and as
consumers ourselves. 

After learning all we can about the project we
then develop a creative criteria or brief based
on brand objectives. The size and scope of each
project can vary based on timeline, budget
and level of detail required. Once the creative
criteria is approved by the client we begin initial
concepting and design exploration. We explore
and present all options within the criteria
but offer a narrower, more focused selection
of recommended directions. From there we
work with our client to determine the best
direction for their project, sometimes this
means presenting more than one direction
that can be researched further and/or
presented to upper management for
final approval. 

For many projects further research is required
to help validate important decisions before going
to market or launching a new brand. This is an
opportunity to fine tune messaging and take
the pulse of the intended audience. Research
can be conducted a number of different ways -
through focus groups, consumer and company
participation, social media, partner agencies,
or on a grassroots level with trusted associates,
friends and family. 

Upon finalizing the brand identity or concept
we then go into full implementation mode –
applying the approved direction or campaign
to every relevant communication vehicle
from primary and secondary packaging to
point-of-sale, to print ads and online campaigns,
to complete websites and collateral systems –
creating a fully integrated solution that
connects your brand with the intended