Fortified helped launch
and position Sambazon

as The Amazon Superfood
Company, the global

leader in organic açai –
and as an authentic lifestyle
brand for health-minded
individuals who view life
as an adventure.

a six year period
we handled all creative
strategic communications -
packaging, collateral,
advertising, point-of-sale and
promotional events such
as trade shows and music

 Like the products
they sell – we grew the brand
organically through guerilla
tactics in local health food
stores, juice bars and Whole
Foods Market, propelling

Sambazon from a local

Southern California company
to the global leader in
their category.

Create an organic beverage brand that reflects
the nature of Amazon Superfoods, Brasilian
açai and the company founders' lifestyle -
who discovered the magical açai (ah-sigh-ee)
berry on a surf trip to Brasil. Carving out a core
audience in health food stores, the natural
and organic food category as well as in the
surf and skate communities was our goal and
logical first step to building a grassroots
following here in Southern California and
eventually across the country. 

When we started the project most people had
never heard of açai and weren't familiar with
foods from the Amazon let alone the term
superfoods. Educating would-be consumers
and getting folks to understand and try these
unusually delicious and healthy products
would be the first hurdle.


We created a complete product line of organic
juices, smoothies, energy drinks, sorbet and
frozen smoothie packs - along with all the
support materials including point-of-sale, 
collateral, print ads, website design, trade
show booths, truck graphics and apparel. 

Fortified helped grow Sambazon's business
exponentially over six years - with distribution
increasing from local health food stores, juice
bars and Whole Foods Market to national
supermarket chains and Costco.

Today, Sambazon is recognized as the global
leader in organic açai and other sustainable
and fair trade certified superfoods from the
Amazon Rainforest.